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mardi, juillet 27, 2021
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ANNONCE de Rassemblement pour saluer courage et détermination des féministes de Turquie

Annonce de L’Assemblée Citoyenne des Originaires de Turquie - ACORT, photo: Adem Altan - AFP Samedi 27 mars à 12hA la Fontaine des Innocents, Place...

Latest news

Sinan Ülgen: Redefining the U.S.-Turkey Relationship – Carnegie Europe

Carnegie Europe, July 26, 2021, Sinan Ülgen To fix their troubled relationship, the United States and Turkey should take gradual, concrete steps that build confidence...

Selçuk Esenbel « Reflections from home on secularism and the possibility of muslim democracy »

Selçuk Esenbel, Bogaziçi University emeritus professor's review of the book “A Secular Age beyond the West: Religion, Law and the State in Asia, the Middle East and...

Cyprus again: Fehim Tastekin:” How to seize an island: Northern Cyprus”

Duvar English, July 26, 2021, Fehim Taştekin Northern Cyprus is receiving its share of the Turkish government’s practice of seizing and destroying all fields within...

Turkey serving as vessel for radical Islamists – U.N. report – Ahval

Ahval, July 25, 2021 Uyghur, Turkmen and central Asian migrants living in Turkey serve as a significant pool for membership in radical Islamist terrorist organisations, according to a report presented to...

Turkey’s labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions – video – Guardian

Guardian, July 24, 2021, Elif Ince ‘I felt I existed in this world’: TikTok gives a voice to Turkey’s labourers: https://youtu.be/WvLAaxpYRfs Workers in Turkish factories, construction sites...
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