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mardi, septembre 21, 2021
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Turkish intelligence

Cyprus again: Fehim Tastekin:” How to seize an island: Northern Cyprus”

Duvar English, July 26, 2021, Fehim Taştekin Northern Cyprus is receiving its share of the Turkish government’s practice of seizing and destroying all fields within...

Latest news

Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew I set to meet Biden at White House – Al-Monitor

The patriarch will also meet Ankara's US ambassador while in Washington, reports Al-Monitor. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the Istanbul-based spiritual leader of roughly 300...

Conférence de l’IRIS sur la Turquie

Mardi 21 septembre 2021, de 18:30 à 20hÀ l’occasion de la parution du livre La Turquie, un partenaire incontournable (Eyrolles /IRIS, 2021), de Didier Billon...

« Le Pentagone anatolien d’Erdogan » – Guillaume Perrier-le Point

Un ministère géant de la défense en Turquie, pour épater l'opinion domestique et internationale, accroître le contrôle du civile sur l'armée

Turkish synagogues get makeover as Izmir strives for UNESCO stamp – Al-Monitor

An ambitious effort to revive Izmir’s Jewish heritage is paying off as the Turkish city vies for a place on the UNESCO heritage list. The...

Turkey’s blind eye to jihadis worsens its predicaments in Syria – Fehim Taştekin

"Turkey is seeking to downplay the jihadi threat that its troops face in Idlib, the last Islamist stronghold in Syria, opting to turn the spotlight to the Kurds instead," reports Taştekin in Al-Monitor.
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