Artists For Osman Kavala : Susan Pattie – “ Osman , Your Generous actions Continue Today in The Many Ways You Have Reached People’s Heart And Minds.”

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Artists United for Osman Kavala supports #OsmanKavala by sharing the messages of various people with short videos around the question of “What did Kavala do?”.

“In short video messages, various people tell the story of how Osman Kavala has engaged with their specific project or touched them otherwise. The result is a mosaic of numerous initiatives that Osman Kavala has supported, many diverse stories of encounters and a polyphony of confessions of friendship and missing. The contributions reveal Osman Kavala as an individual who tirelessly worked to bring people with different perspectives together in dialogue, through initiatives in arts and culture and cultural collaborations in Turkey and internationally.”

As of today, Osman Kavala has been imprisoned for 1059 days. Today’s video is from Susan Pattie.

Please see Susan Pattie’s video below and check the project website to see all the video messages.

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