New Book : « Diaspora Diplomacy: The Politics of Turkish Emigration to Europe » Ayca Arkilic

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Arkilic, A. (2022). Diaspora diplomacy: The politics of Turkish emigration to Europe. Manchester University Press.


« Since the early 2000s, Turkey has shown an unprecedented interest in its diaspora. This book provides the first in-depth examination of the institutionalisation of Turkey’s diaspora engagement policy since the Justice and Development Party’s rise to power in 2002, the Turkish diaspora’s new role as an agent of diplomatic goals, and how Turkey’s growing sphere of influence affects intra-diaspora politics and diplomatic relations with Europe. The book is based on fieldwork in Turkey, France and Germany, and interviews conducted with diaspora organisation leaders and policymakers.

Diasporas have become transformative for relations at the state-to-state level and blur the division between the domestic and the foreign. A case study of Turkey’s diasporas is significant at a time when emigrants from Turkey form the largest Muslim community in Europe and when issues of diplomacy, migration and citizenship have become more salient than ever. »

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