New book: Routledge Handbook of Turkey’s Diasporas – Ayca Arkilic, Banu Senay

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« This handbook, the first of its kind, provides a rich overview of the socio-political issues and dynamics impacting Turkey’s diasporic groups and diaspora policymaking.

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Turkey constitutes an important case study in the field of diaspora studies with a diaspora population of around 6.5 million. This handbook therefore brings together emerging and established scholars to explore the central issues, actors, and processes relating to Turkey’s diasporic groups and diaspora outreach. Taken together, the historical and contemporary analyses presented in this volume provide readers a multi-lens perspective on the trajectories of Turkey’s diasporic communities and diaspora policymaking in a wide range of regional contexts, including Europe, North America, and Oceania. The handbook comprises six analytical parts:

  • Contextualising Turkey’s diasporas: past and present
  • Localisation, transnational belongings, and identity
  • Governing diasporas
  • Micro-spaces and everyday practices
  • Cultural production, aesthetics, and creativity
  • Country-specific perspectives

The volume offers insights into the debates and processes that structure each of these thematic clusters, but also provides a comprehensive overview of the dynamics shaping Turkey’s diverse diaspora populations today.

The contributions encompass a range of disciplines, including anthropology, history, human geography, political science, international relations, and sociology, and the volume will be vital reading for anyone interested in Turkey, the Middle East, and diasporas. »

Table of Contents

1. Turkey’s Diasporas and Diaspora Policymaking in Flux: An Introduction

Ayca Arkilic and Banu Senay

Part I: Contextualising Turkey’s Diasporas: Past and Present

2. Moving Populations: The Foundations of Diaspora in the Early Republic of Turkey

Christopher Houston and Joost Jongerden

3. From ‘Guest-Workers’ to ‘Muslims’: Representations of Turkish-Origin Migrants in Europe

Ayhan Kaya

4. A History of Turkish Guest Workers in Germany

Jennifer A. Miller

5. The Making of New Diasporic Communities?: Post-2000 Migration from Turkey to Europe

Zeynep Yanaşmayan

6. Migration and Citizenship Regimes in Europe: The Meandering Path to Dual Citizenship in Germany and the Netherlands

Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu

7. The Diaspora Paradox: Methodological Nationalism, Methodological Amnesia, Challenges, and Interventions

Ipek Demir

Part II: Localisation, Transnational Belongings, and Identity

8. Constantinopolitans in the Diaspora of the City: The Global Community of Rum Polites of Istanbul

İlay Romain Örs

9. Enforced Departures, Anxious Arrivals: A Turkish Diaspora in Israel

Karel Valansi

10. The Formation of a Kurdish Diaspora and Transnational Politics

Östen Wahlbeck

11. The Alevi Movement in Europe: A Collective Struggle for Visibility, Rights, and Recognition

Besim Can Zırh

12. The Turkish Muslim Field in Western Europe

Benjamin Bruce

Part III: Governing Diasporas

13. Turkey’s Diaspora Engagement Policies: Past and Present

Damla B. Aksel

14. State-Sponsored Transnational Religious Fields: The Case of the Diyanet

Zana Çitak

15. Turkey’s Diaspora Youth Diplomacy

Banu Senay and Ayca Arkilic

16. Unpacking the State from the Inside Out: Emerging Spaces and Actors of Diaspora Governance in the Border Province of Edirne

Zeynep Kaşlı

17. Non-resident Citizen Voting and Transnational Mobilisation of Political Parties: The Case of Turkey

Inci Öykü Yener-Roderburg

18. Turkish Immigrant-origin Political Parties in Europe: The Case of DENK in the Netherlands

Floris Vermeulen

19. How Has Turkey Re-fashioned its Diaspora Engagement Policy during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Gizem Kolbaşı-Muyan

Part IV: Micro-spaces and Everyday Practices

20. “Mosques are life itself there”: The Social Lives of Turkish-Sunni Mosques in Germany

Devran Koray Öcal

21. Performance, Advocacy, and Transnational Networks of Solidarity for Turkish-Speaking Queer Migrants in Berlin

Erkan Gürsel

22. Whose Neighbourhood, Whose City, Whose Country? Visible and Invisible Turkish Diasporic Spaces in Berlin and New York City

Annika Marlen Hinze

23. Post-Migration Society and Turkish Football Clubs in Berlin

Oktay Aktan

24. Marriage Trajectories of Turkey-originated Youth in Europe

Anika Liversage

25. Lending Circles: A Solidarity Practice among Migrant Women from Turkey in Germany

Başak Bilecen

Part V: Cultural Production, Aesthetics, and Creativity

26. Turkish Rap Music, Made in Germany: Origins, History, and Identity

Thomas Solomon

27. A Marketplace of Love: Muhabbet and the Construction of European Alevi Imaginaries

Alex Kreger

28. Cinematographic Expressions of Diasporic Experience: Decades of Turkish-German Cinema

Ayça Tunç Cox

29. Writing Home and Selves in Diaspora: Narratives, Texts, and Practices

Özlem Belçim Galip

30. Graphic Politics: Resistance and Community Building through Comics Activism among Turkey’s Diaspora(s)

Can T. Yalçınkaya

31. From Berlin to the Globe: The Transnational Story of Döner Kebab

Maren Möhring

Part VI: Country-Specific Perspectives

32. Turkey’s Diaspora in Germany: A Transnational Community Divided between Transnational Integration and Distant-Nationalism

Yaşar Aydın

33. The ‘Turkish’ Community in France: An Influential Branch of the Diaspora

Samim Akgönül

34. Political Participation and Representation of Dutch Citizens with Roots in Turkey

Nermin Aydemir and Liza Mügge

35. Alevi Kurds in the United Kingdom: Community Formation, Visibility, and Integration

Ümit Çetin and Celia Jenkins

36. United We Divide: Turkey’s Hyper-Polarised Diaspora in the USA

Sultan Tepe and Selin Bengi Gümrükçü

37. Turkey’s Diasporas Down Under: Migration to Australia and New Zealand

Banu Senay and Ayca Arkilic

Ayca Arkilic is Senior Lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research interests are state-diaspora relations and Islam in the West. She is the author of Diaspora Diplomacy: The Politics of Turkish Emigration to Europe (2022).

Banu Senay is Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Anthropology at the School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney. She is the author of Beyond Turkey’s Borders: Long-distance Kemalism, State Politics, and the Turkish Diaspora (2013) and Musical Ethics and Islam: The Art of Playing the Ney (2020).

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