Seed Politics in Turkey – The Awakening of Landrace Wheat And It’s prospects

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The Journal of Peasant Studies, February 5, 2020, Derya Ziyam & Zafer Yenal

Derya Ziyam & Zafer Yenal’s article analyses the current state of seed politics in Turkey focusing on the recent appropriation and commercialization of a wheat landrace, Karakılçık buğdayı (black-awn wheat) in Seferihisar, a small coastal town in the Aegean. It lays bare the long-drawn-out, often arduous but politically innovative processes that brought together various stakeholders, including the local municipality, a seed preservation centre, producer cooperatives, and urban-based alternative food networks. This paper argues that institutional mechanisms with strong grassroots support have the potential to weave together small-producer initiatives and disparate consumer interests and imbue them with the power to transform national agriculture and food politics.

To read the whole article:Seed politics in Turkey the awakening of a landrace wheat and its prospects

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