Angela Davis calls for support for Pınar Selek ahead of hearing – Evrim Kepenek / BIANET

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Selek is standing trial for the fifth time for a 1998 explosion in İstanbul. She was previously acquitted of charges four times.

Bianet English, April 11, 2024, by Evrim Kepenek

Renowned feminist philosopher and human rights advocate Angela Davis has issued a call for support for sociologist Pınar Selek, who is currently facing trial in connection with the 1998 explosion at İstanbul’s famous Spice Bazaar. Selek, previously tried and acquitted four times for allegedly planting a bomb at the bazaar, is set to appear in court again on June 28, 2024, at the İstanbul 15th Heavy Penal Court.

Davis, addressing feminists worldwide and those fighting against racism and capitalism, urged these communities to stand in solidarity with Selek. In a video release, Davis highlighted the numerous instances of judicial harassment Selek has endured throughout her trial process and conveyed her strongest support for Selek.

Pınar Selek, a sociologist, writer, and feminist, has been embroiled in a legal battle for over two decades following an explosion at the İstanbul Spice Bazaar in 1998 that resulted in seven deaths and injured 127 people. 

Despite being acquitted four times – in 2006, 2008, 2011, and 2014 – due to expert testimony confirming the explosion was caused by a gas leak and not a bomb, Selek’s acquittals have been repeatedly overturned, leading to subsequent retrials.

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