Caught in the Middle: Turkey’s Position Amidst Russia’s War on Ukraine. Carnegie Endowment. (Live Online-April 11, 2022)

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Caught in the Middle: Turkey’s Position Amidst Russia’s War on Ukraine

April 11, 2022

12:30 PM—14:00 EST

Live Online

« Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses a new and increasingly complex set of challenges for Turkey. So far, while walking a fine line, Turkey has positioned itself in a manner that is mostly convergent with its Western Allies. But Ankara’s exposure to Russia on multiple fronts, its fraught relations with many of its traditional partners — particularly with the U.S., and its desire to continue what had become a flourishing engagement with Ukraine, present Turkey with difficult choices. The path Ankara chooses to follow will have serious implications for Turkey and the region » says Carnegie Endowment.

How will Ankara continue to navigate these challenging dynamics? Can Turkey bolster its standing among its Western Allies while preserving a functioning relationship with Russia?

Join Carnegie for a conversation featuring senior fellow Alper Coşkun, Ambassadors Vasyl Bodnar and Tacan Ildem, Hümeyra Pamuk, and Bruno Tertrais on implications for Turkey amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Carnegie Endowment, Photo/Yoruk Isik/Reuters

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