Gypsy Women In Istanbul : “I Gather Mallow to Feed My Child During Coronavirus Pandemic ”

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Source: Evrensel, by Hilal Tok, April 5, 2020

While millions of people had to stay home and work remotely due to the coronavirus epidemic, a group that is particularly affected by the pandemic is the Gypsy communities who traditionally earn their living through daily works outside.

Gypsy community of Istanbul is active mostly in selling flower or street foods, collecting and selling used metals and papers, and working as peddlers, or performing as musicians and now, the community is at the edge of starvation because they are unable to work during the pandemic.

As reported by Evrensel newspaper, Gypsy women and children are among the most vulnerable sector of the society now and women are having difficulty in buying food for their children because they cannot earn even a penny in these days.

As underlined by the newspaper all the Gypsy communities in the other countries like Belgium, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. are experiencing similar problems because of similar reasons during these days.

Although there is a couple of solidarity groups supporting the community for now, no cash or in-kind social aid has been provided by the government for the Gypsy community in Turkey, said the newspaper. And it added the importance of providing them the basic needs for the survival and giving them priority in social support planned by the government.

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