“Moment of Rupture in Turkey-Eu Relations : From Post-Candidacy To Open Clash ”. Ceftus Online Talk

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On 8 December 2020, Yavuz Baydar and Cengiz Aktar discussed on the Turkey-EU relations. Please click the link below for the record.

“”Time is running and we are approaching a watershed moment in our relationship with Turkey.” These words by Josep Borrell – the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief – which came repeatedly during the autumn of 2020, describe at best the discourse on the state of ties between the European Union and Turkey. Indeed, the relationship has become, particularly since the attempted coup in mid-2016, so venomous on so many aspects that it caused a major question mark, on whether or not the sides have come to an impasse. On the eve of the European Council meeting on December 10-11, distinguished scholar, a top expert on the European affairs, and commentator with Ahval News, Prof Cengiz Aktar, will offer his “tour d’horizon” on the shattered state of relations. The online talk will be chaired and moderated by Yavuz Baydar, Editor-in-Chief of Ahval News Online.”

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