New Issue : “Narrating Experience : Rethinking Gender , Violence , Family Media in Contemporary Turkey ”

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European Journal of Turkish Studies (EJTS) published a thematic issue on the use and meaning of “narrating experience” in feminist politics through its relation to media. Edited by Åsa Eldén and Berna Ekal, the special issue is now online.

You can reach the full text of each article by clicking the title below.

Editors explain the framework of the issue as below:

“This issue covers empirical examples of research on gender in Turkey that deals with narration of experience in different spaces and in relation to different kinds of media. … how narration of experiences of gendered violence in conventional and social media in Turkey has been used to make a change: to formulate feminist politics, to influence public opinion and to put pressure on policy-makers. We can also call this a kind of feminist storytelling.”

Narrating Women’s Experiences of Gendered Violence: An Introduction by Berna Ekal and Åsa Eldén [Full text]

The Grammar of Gender Ideology: The Press Coverage of Sexual Violence in Turkey and the Passive Voice  by Sevda Numanbayraktaroğlu [Full text]

Fantasy and Propriety in Familial Lives by Belgin Tekçe [Full text]

Mediated Fantasies of the Family on Turkish Television by Nükhet Sirman  [Full text]

Fantasy and Judgement: Brides’ Intimate Talk on Facebook by Feyza Akınerdem [Full text]

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