Virtual Seminar : “The political Geography of Hartapu’s Kingdom, A Newly-Discovered Middle Iron Age Power in Central #Anatolia ” by Michele Massa

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Virtual seminar organized by British Institute at Ankara on 22 September 2020 as part of its Anatolian Studies program.

“The Political Geography of Hartapu’s Kingdom, a Newly-Discovered Middle Iron Age Power in Central AnatoliaAn Anatolian Studies Virtual Seminar by Michele Massa (University of Chicago), with panelists Christoph Bachhuber, Fatma Şahin, Hüseyin Erpehlivan, James Osborne and Anthony J. Lauricella.

“The recent discovery of the Türkmen-Karahöyük megasite and the associated Luwian inscription by a Great King Hartapu have put into discussion our knowledge of the political geography of southern-central Anatolia. While traditionally attributed to the end of the Hittite Empire, Hartapu’s kingdom can now be firmly dated to the Middle Iron Age on philological grounds. This makes it broadly contemporary with the expanding Phrygian kingdom on one side, the Neo-Assyrian Empire on the other, and a constellation of smaller principalities known as Tabal. The aim of the paper is to employ an integrated geographical, archaeological and philological analysis to define the political borders of Hartapu’s kingdom, and to understand its geopolitical role and relevance in the mid-late 8th century BCE.”

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